Omni-Channel Digital Marketing

Omni-Channel Digital Marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing and Customer Experience Platform

Deliver seamless omni-channel experiences

SmartMessage is the omni-channel marketing and customer experience platform that helps
leading brands confidently scale communications over millions of customers in real-time.

The SmartMessage Marketing Platform


SmartMessage Marketing Platform

Available on-premise and in the cloud, SmartMessage brings all your marketing tools in a single, integrated platform, from managing content to automating your omnichannel customer journeys and measuring success

Deliverability services

If you are struggling with understanding what is affecting your inbox placement and ultimately the success of your emails, we have an inhouse team available to help you.
– Deliverability Consultation
– Sender Score Certification application process
– Sender Reputation Management – Continuous monitoring, support and monthly reporting services to ensure that your deliverability is managed as carefully as possible.

Support services

Ongoing support for technology investments is critical, and needs vary from organization to organization. Our support team provides comprehensive support for companies of all sizes—from day- to-day incident resolution to operational support and system monitoring.
– Choose the support plan that’s right for you – Gold, Platinum, or Enterprise
– 24/7 dedicated hotline for critical troubleshooting is available upon request
– Fully managed services for campaign planning, execution and reporting services.

Omni-Channel Digital Marketing

SmartMessage will help your company deliver seamless and timely customer experiences across all channels.

How SmartMessage does (TECHNOLOGY):

Flexible and scalable platform
SmartMessage supports on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments. With this scalable platform, you’ll improve the total cost of ownership, deliver better results and be ready for future challenges.
Built-in house, not bought
SmartMessage platform was built from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of businesses around the world. All the modules offered were built-in house and are natively integrated.
Extensive integration capabilities
Elevate your organizational agility by using SmartMessage connectors and API’s to facilitate the integration of your existing business applications including legacy systems with SmartMessage Marketing Platform.
A unique maturity models
Our flexible technology, modular services packages, and profile and channel-based pricing model allow you to start now and grow with SmartMessage as you expand your marketing maturity.

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Customer Data Platform

Understand and speak to your customers as individuals, teams and organizations through a single unified customer profile. Outcess continuously collects data and signals from all sources, channels and devices including anonymous identifiers. This data is aggregated to create a complete, living unified customer profile that is essential to powering your marketing decisions and orchestration.

Data Collection & Unification

Collect, manage and organize limitless quantities of customer data and signals from any source using multiple import methods including sFTP, real-time streaming, connectors, API’s, web forms and manual uploads.

360 Degree Customer Profile

Profiles are elastically searchable and available in the UI and as an API to be leveraged across the enterprise. Provide a single source of truth for all your customer-facing teams.
Using channels, devices, campaign responses, purchase activity, product interests and location to determine future customer behavior.

Give customers control


Give Customers control

Using channels, devices, responses, purchase activity, product interests and location to determine future customer behavior

Behavioral Clustering


Behavioral Clustering

Empower customers to manage their own experience

Deployment Services

Our experienced, skilled team comprised of technical, strategy, product and project management experts will ensure your successful implementation and full use of our Marketing Platform — including pre-implementation planning, deployment, testing, user training, and support.
– Deploy quickly and reliably anywhere in the world
– Accelerate time to value and minimize risk.
– Accelerate user adoption with onsite technical and end-user training